The poor more polite, but the flow not nice (No) Watch for your wife, I might take her out your life (You know) She wet my white tee, now it's like a wet wipe (Wet it) Respect my Tribe, I'm a dog like Phife (Get it?) You love me like a check but my name not Nike (Get it?) Bitch, my number not a lottery I'm like, don't even talk to me (Stop) Honestly, wouldn't fly a Melbourne chick to Sydney, no (Go Merlyn, Go Merlyn) All of these bars bought chains, prison industries

(Go Merlyn, Go Merlyn, Go Merlyn) America, did my people foul, then give me shot for free (Go Merlyn, Go Merlyn) While I watch Washington's wooden teeth in her booty cheeks Kings of last century, was living like peasantry I don't even like sleep, time is the only luxury